Attractions to Visit Whilst in Phnom Penh

The Ohana Phnom Penh Palace Hotel, a place to stay for the travelling soul...

the Ohana Phnom Penh Palace Hotel-Royal Palace & Silver Pagoda

Royal Palace & Silver Pagoda

The Royal Palace is only a pleasant 600m riverside stroll away from the Ohana Phnom Penh Palace Hotel. Overlooking the river and set in tranquil gardens the Royal Palace with its classic style and ornate gilding is a beautiful example of Khmer architecture. It was built in the mid-19th century and is still the official residence of the King of Cambodia. The complex is also home to the ‘Silver Pagoda’ which houses the 90kg diamond encrusted ‘Emerald Buddha’.

National Museum

The National Museum is only a 500m stroll away from the Ohana Phnom Penh Palace Hotel. Set in carefully tended tropical gardens the 100 year old National Museum is a splendid architectural achievement and home to the world’s finest collection of Khmer sculpture and artefacts. The collection houses artefacts from prehistoric times, the great Khmer Angkorian Empire, as well as more recent times.

the Ohana Phnom Penh Palace Hotel-National Museum
the Ohana Phnom Penh Palace Hotel-Wat Phnom

Wat Phnom

The hill-top pagoda of Wat Phnom was initially constructed over 700 years ago and is the spiritual centre of Phnom Penh. It is only a 1km pleasant riverside stroll away from the Ohana Phnom Penh Palace Hotel. According to legend, the first pagoda on this site was built to house four Buddha statues found by a woman named ‘Penh’, hence the name of the city, Phnom Penh, or 'hill of Penh'. Nowadays local Khmers visit to pray for good luck in exams or business.

Central Market (Phsar T’may)

Only 1.5km away the Central Market is a large art-deco 1930s market. Its distinctive large dome leads to four arms branching out into vast hallways. The entrance to the market is lined with souvenir merchants selling everything from T-shirts and postcards to silver curios and traditional Cambodia scarves. Inside is a dazzling display of jewels and gold, electronic goods, stationery, and cheap clothes - a must-visit for souvenir seekers and bargain hunters.

the Ohana Phnom Penh Palace Hotel-Central Market (Phsar T’may)
the Ohana Phnom Penh Palace Hotel-The ‘Riverside’

The ‘Riverside’

Only 10 seconds away from the Ohana Phnom Penh Palace Hotel is the delightful ‘Riverside’ promenade. This 2.5km long spacious ‘park’ is largely deserted during the heat of the day, yet it comes alive in the late afternoon as the sun begins to set. Locals and visitors alike stroll, sit, relax, chat, play and exercise all against the backdrop of the wide Tonle Sap river. Refreshments are never far away as vendors push their small mobile ‘stores’.

Apsara Dance Performance

One cannot leave Cambodia without witnessing a mesmerising Apsara dance. The dance form, dating back to the 7th century, is an essential part of the Khmer culture and finds its roots in both Hindu and Buddhist mythologies. According to myth, Apsaras were beautiful female creatures that descended from heaven to entertain Gods and Kings with their dance. There are various locations in Phnom Penh where you may watch an Apsara dance performance.

the Ohana Phnom Penh Palace Hotel-Apsara Dance Performance